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kim + mike //

I have been photographing Kim's beautiful girls for so many years now that I can't even remember exactly when our first shoot together was. I am always so excited for our portrait sessions as her little ladies are always so much fun and the camera just LOVES them! When Kim got in contact with me last year to let me know her and Mike were getting hitched and that she would like me to photograph their special day, I was over the moon happy for them and so thrilled to capture them tie the knot!!!

After I shot their engagement session late last summer I was even MORE excited for their big day to arrive. The chemistry between K + M is unreal! They are so totally in love and ridiculously cute together! Kim had an amazing vision/style in how she was hoping the engagement session would look with vintage props and pieces which also were a very big part of their wedding decor and overall style.

I am so blessed to have Kim and Mike as my friends and I am honoured that I was able to witness and capture this seriously stunning day! I wish you guys all the best and many many MANY years of laughter and love ahead.... and PHOTOSHOOTS! hehe!